The mission of the Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance (SHEFA) under the Municipality of Saipan, Office of the Mayor is to invest in the limited human capital resources of qualified residents of Saipan (inclusive of the Northern Islands) through a supplementary financial assistance, upon availability of funds pursuant to Saipan Local Law 13-21, for purposes of pursuing post-secondary education on Saipan or abroad, and in recognition of the need for educated citizenry and workforce on Saipan, with the broad expectation of SHEFA and assurance from all applicants and recipients of SHEFA financial assistance to return to Saipan upon a successful completion of a higher education with the necessary and sufficient knowledge, skill, attitude and work ethic in order to provide services on Saipan in the private sector, government, nongovernmental (NGO) organizations as well as not-for-profit organizations.

Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance (SHEFA)

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